No conspiracy theory - UFOs exist

Unidentified flying objects, UFOs, are real. I am not speaking about every object that has been sighted in the sky and was not identifiable to the observer. Fully 90% to 95% of those are eventually identified as every day or experimental aircraft, weather balloons, temperature inversions, planets, meteors or any number of other naturally occurring phenomena. I am talking about the other 5%-10% that are never identified.

The sighting of UFOs has probably been occurring as long as man has existed on this planet. There are cave drawings in Tanzania dated as 26,000 years old that clearly show two objects roughly saucer shaped and silver colored as if metallic. These are very similar to modern unexplained UFO reports. Native American cave drawings in the southwest United States show objects that appear to be saucer like craft. Native American folklore from the Death Valley area contains a story of two craft observed high in the sky. They collide and one of them falls to earth. A number of men then arrive and spend time repairing it. Cave drawings in Val Camonica, Italy show men in suits with what appears to be bubble type helmets.

The modern era of UFO sightings began on June 24, 1947. Kenneth Arnold was flying near Mount Rainer, Wa. when he observed nine objects flying in the sky. Arnold reported that they were very bright when in a position to reflect the sun and flying erratically. They have never been explained.
The next month, July 1947, the now famous Roswell, Nm crash was first reported by the United States Air Force as a UFO crash with a body recovered. The report was rescinded the next day.

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Tens of thousands of people from all over the world have made reports of UFOs. Many of these people have been trained observers such as police officers, members of the military including pilots, airline pilots and three NASA astronauts. Radar technicians have reported tracing aircraft performing maneuvers and reaching speeds not possible with existing technology. Experimental aircraft? The pilots could not have survived the maneuvers. Unmanned radio controlled aircraft? No material known to man could have withstood the forces.

Many national governments have launched investigations into these sightings including the United States. Between 1952 and 1969 the United States Air Force’s Project Blue Book investigated 12,618 UFO reports. 10% were never solved. At the closing of the project the Air Force's report stated that (1) there was no evidence of a threat to national security (2) no evidence that any sighting went beyond existing technology and (3) there was no evidence that any sighting was extra terrestrial.
Would they tell you if they had discovered anything to the contrary? Evidence of a more advanced civilization outside our solar system would send the worlds population into panic. It would also undermine and destroy all of the worlds monotheist religions. This planet would be in chaos.

No evidence of extra terrestrials? I say there is no evidence that they do not exist.

Copyright Bryan Cryer 2008