We live in a world of sites such as verycheapcarinsurance.eu where cheap car insurance is considered a universal right. However everyone has had to either borrow a vehicle for a short time or needed to save a little money for a short amount of time and when it comes to car insurance options can be tricky. Instead of adding a new driver to the existing policy in the case of a borrowed car or cutting the policy all together if saving some money, try short term car insurance. Short term car insurance doesn’t cover rental vehicles or hired vehicles but it will cover any driver that is borrowing a vehicle. It also has low rates so if its needed just for a little while to help cut costs, then this would be the best way to go instead of being uninsured. The only thing that is needed is a vehicle, the driver has to be at least eighteen years old and have a valid UK drivers licence.

There are a couple of different ways that short term car insurance can work. There is a daily policy, that will cover the driver for anywhere between one to twenty-eight days. Then there is a rolling monthly policy that charges by the month up to eight months and the borrower can cancel the policy at any time without any penalties or adverse charges. The prices for policies depend on the amount of time coverage is needed but is much more cost efficient than a regular twelve month policy. There are many misconceptions as to if a short term policy will provide the same type of coverage as a twelve month policy. A short term policy can cover as much or as little that is needed. The driver can purchase a policy that covers just them or a policy to cover the entire vehicle and even can include breakdown coverage as well. Coverage is relatively quick to acquire, by purchasing online the driver can have all of the necessary documents in hand within minutes and the MID or Motor Insurers Database is updated by the end of the day in most cases.

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Shopping around and comparing prices and policies is the best method to finding the best coverage that is both cost efficient and comprehensive. Short term car insurance is very easy to obtain for situations such as borrowing a car, cutting costs for a short period of time or even for emergencies. All that is required is a valid UK driver’s license and a valid vehicle, and if borrowing a vehicle, the owner’s consent. There are a couple of options to choose from for coverage and that will suit the many situations that may happen in life. When looking for the best options, consider short term car insurance for any short term and necessary coverage needs

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