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I have viewed these pages on a tablet and on an iMac for contrast - I don't own a mobile phone (rural location - no networks!) so won't be able to feedback on how it displays on a phone - sorry!

My very first impression:
When I entered the address on my tablet, I accidently used spaces ie month by month insurance which meant that when the search loaded I had to scroll past:•


before I got to it, so maybe an improved title tag would be good? The page loaded quickly on both iPad and iMac.

General impressions:
On the iMac, the page looked fine but not very colourful or arresting.
On the iPad, the page looked far too text heavy and the paragraphs looked too long and are off-putting to read on the smaller screen. I think it would be much improved by breaking up the text with bullet points, different sizes of text and perhaps some (small) graphics/illustrations.
"Buying car insurance with monthly repayments and no huge extra deposit is very easy to do and you can even search for a better deal by comparing prices at the same time". If you were to split this section to eg
•Buy car insurance
•Monthly repayments
•NO huge extra deposit
•Best deals
•Compare prices

I think this would be more arresting and less tiring to read so would engage a viewer more.
I don't like the typeface they have chosen for the very first line - I don't like the italic slant, the fact that it is a sans serif font (ie it has no fiddly bits on the tops and bottoms of letters - this makes them easier to read at a glance) and it might just be my personal dislike but maroon/brown is my least favourite colour so that could be improved too.
The page has a bit of a homemade feel about it, and the most important thing, getting people to click and go further, could do with a bigger more arresting design, which could perhaps flash or move somehow to attract attention straight to it.
The page also feels quite masculine and I'm not sure that it would appeal to many women which is unfortunate if we are half of the target audience.
Further down the page, the text really needs broken up into bite sized pieces too.


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